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Aircraft Evalution

Aircraft Evaluation

Andromeda Aviation is the source of actual and true aircraft cost and performance figures.

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Aircraft Acquisition

Andromeda Aviation is frequently negotiating purchase and lease agreements with all major suppliers and acts as aircraft financing arranger.

Aircraft Re-Marketing

Aircraft Re-Marketing

Andromeda Aviation is the source for successful and efficient aircraft re-marketing, be it either sale or lease transactions.

Project Management – Airline Restructuring

Project Management

One of the core competences of Andromeda Aviation is the control and management of aviation related projects.

What We Do

Andromeda Aviation provides value adding and customer focused services when it comes to Aircraft Evaluation, Aircraft Acquisition and Re-Marketing and any other aviation related Project Management.

At Andromeda Aviation we are determined not only to provide consultancy services but moreover we are executing our services together with and on behalf of our customers.

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